Now your customers can go from web to print!

The Digital Music Center

The Digital Music Center (DMC) is a tool that brings together the necessary components for retailers to allow their customers to search, modify, and purchase sheet music through their existing ecommerce website.

DMC (Digital Music Center)

The Digital Music Center, or DMC, is the hub of communication. It allows publishers to provide music content and enables retailers to sell that content. The DMC is a web service, providing a central location that can be accessed from anywhere.

The DMC can be described in three parts:

Online Music Management

First, the DMC manages sources of digital music from various publishers. Publishers authorize their digital music to be sold through the DMC. They can import their libraries of music to the DMC making it available for retailers to resell online. Once the publishers have exposed their music the retailers (described as vendors) can choose a subset or entire library of the publisher's music to offer on their site.

Transaction Tracking

Second, through the DMC a retailer will manage/track their customers' purchases (or transactions).

Live Music Preview and Printing

Third, the DMC offers a method for viewing, playing, and printing the digital music in the Legato technology. Retailers can offer a preview of publisher's music to their customers. A customer will be able to preview the first page of any song before making a purchase. Once a customer has purchased music they will be able to view the full piece before printing the final product. Customers are able to expressively interact with the music in new and unique ways, including transposition, helpful to them in making a purchase decision.

The DMC manages all of these elements and offers standard services, making integration and use of the system a simple, straight-forward process.


The Legato technology is a unique and essential element in offering sheet music online. The application is completely web-based, built on Adobe's Flash Player, and is immediately available to over 92% of internet users. It requires no download of an additional plug-in or any expertise to use. The interface is simple, easy-to-use, and nicely designed. Customers veiwing sheet music through the Legato technology have much more than a basic print preview. They can listen to the sheet music played back to them, transpose the key, and interact with the sheet music through a much richer experience than possible through an image or PDF.


  • Offers a fully customizable solution for their customers to search, modify, and purchase sheet music
  • Increases their customer base from a local to a global market
  • Eliminates in-house storage of sheet music
  • Integrated directly into retailers ecommerce website
  • Provides an expansive library of music
Screenshot of Library Manager Page

The DMC (Digital Music Center) is a powerful tool for both vendors and publishers to manage their music libraries and view reports on sales. Click here to enlarge image.

Screenshot of Orders Page

View orders by ID number, date, user ID, or number purchased. Go one level deeper and you can view the music title and specs for each order. You can even authorize reprints from within the DMC. Click here to enlarge image.

Screenshot of My Profile Page

Manage your password and transaction keys in the My Profile section. You can even customize the Music Player by putting in your company's logo. Click here to enlarge image.

Screenshot of Interactive Sheet Music Viewer

The INTERACTIVE SHEET MUSIC VIEWER is what makes it possible to view, play, transpose, and print music.